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Minimum order requirements
Planning a big event? Anyone meeting the wholesale minimum can choose the Wholesale option.

Retail Orders require $10 in total purchases at Check Out.
Wholesale Orders require $100 in total purchases at Check Out.

Review the Pricing Guide to see dimensions and prices on all our items.

Taxes & Shipping fees
Shipping fees can vary greatly based on package size, delivery location, and weight. Your order is submitted with the $total purchases; no taxes and no shipping fees.

Once your order is received, an experienced member of our Staff will calculate the best shipping rates and the best shipping provider for your order, add the taxes for California residents, and email you an Invoice with the $total due. The invoice will include instructions for sending your payment and a contact person, just in case you would like to change anything before we ship the order.

Your order is shipped upon receipt of payment.

Payment methods
Your final invoice from QP Fans will include instructions for the following payment options:
  • onLine via PayPal (We never see your account numbers)
    Secure transfer from your checking account, major credit card, or PayPal funds to our PayPal account.
  • Phone us with your credit card info
  • Fax us your credit card info
  • Previous customer: use credit card info on file

Add your text to our in stock products
Select the in stock products you are interested in ordering. At the end of the order form is a box for Customer Comments. Enter your text in this box and request a Custom Bid.

One of our staff will get back to you the same day or next business day with a quote and answers to any of your questions.

How to add your personal images and text to any of our products
We can add your images and text to any of our fans or cards.

Use the contact form to request that a QP staff member contact you to discuss custom printing options to fit your needs and your budget.

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